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A Better World employs an approach focused on total community development. A series of initiatives are designed to provide communities with a holistic approach tailored specifically for their needs. This ensures that all factors of poverty are being addressed and that the foundations necessary for a healthier, more productive society, and ultimately one that is free of poverty, are in place.

We develop broad based programs for each of the communities, where all elements within the community are being addressed. We recognize that each community will have made progress in some areas, and less in others, and we will design a program that is best suited for that community, built upon the goals and aspirations of the community.


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Needs Funding
Tomorrow’s EDGE

Tomorrow’s Edge is for students and youth between the ages of 17 and 25…

Needs Funding
Atar Water Project

The Atar Water Project is in need of clean potable water, People in the village…

Needs Funding
Bolivia Water Project

Water is a necessity. There are so many individuals living in Bolivia living…

Needs Funding
Teacher Training Service

The well-being of children has been demonstrated by numerous studies to be a…

Needs Funding
Jerusalem Village Project

Current Villages: 1 People: 6,000 Wells: 0 Invested: $40,000   A Better…

Community Health/Medical Clinic Service

Current Patients: 40,000 Surgeries: 8,000 Volunteers: 75 Invested: $350,000…

Needs Funding
Medical Training Service

Current Training locations: 4 Staff trained: 450 Tablets provided: 25 Invested:…

Needs Funding
She Has A Name – Thailand

The She Has A Name project was inspired by the Canadian Tour of Andrew Kooman’s…

Needs Funding
Agriculture Program

Goals for 2016 Gardens: 5 Benefits: 1,500 Cost: $25,000 Total Invested: $60,000…

Needs Funding
Project Administration Expenses

For almost 20 years A Better World was able to operate with very little or no…

Needs Funding
AMe Bolivia

Current Patients: 24 Surgeries: 276 Invested: $67,500   About the project…

Needs Funding
Rapogi Primary School

Current Classrooms: 7 Students: 400 Teachers: 10 Invested: $130,000   About…