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A Better World employs an approach focused on total community development. A series of initiatives are designed to provide communities with a holistic approach tailored specifically for their needs. This ensures that all factors of poverty are being addressed and that the foundations necessary for a healthier, more productive society, and ultimately one that is free of poverty, are in place.

We develop broad based programs for each of the communities, where all elements within the community are being addressed. We recognize that each community will have made progress in some areas, and less in others, and we will design a program that is best suited for that community, built upon the goals and aspirations of the community.


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Needs Funding
El Sauce

Current Children: 18 Staff: 5 Invested: $6,427   Foundation EL SAUCE was…

Needs Funding
Surgery and Rehab Service

Current Facilities: 3 Patients: 10,170 Staff: 6 Invested: $350,000   About…

Needs Funding
Dental Service

Current Patients: 400 per trip   About the service Our Dental Service is…

Needs Funding
Toilet Projects

Goals for 2017 Toilets: 62 Benefits: 4,000 Cost: $65,000 Total Invested: $135,000…

Needs Funding
Bolivia University Scholarship Project

Current Students: 5 Invested: $16,860   Our Involvement We have created…

Needs Funding
Kacyiru Primary School

Current Students: 1,017 Meals Per Year: 600 Invested: $54,700   About the…

Needs Funding
Community Development in Tanzania

Current Structures: 5 Students: Toilets: 34 Invested: $132   About the…

In Progress
Segera Mission Clinic

Current Structure(s): 0 Patients: 8,400/year Medical Staff: 4 Invested: $0  …

In Progress
Roozen Projects

Current Structures: 7 Students: 1,600 Toilets: 34   “I believe that…

In Progress
Income Generation Program (Table Banking)

Current Permanent Jobs: 1,414 Temporary Jobs: 4,200 Invested:    …

In Progress
Lodwar-Turkana Educational Center

Current Classrooms: 3 Students: 138 Teachers: 5 Invested: $129,154   About…

In Progress
Tulwap Primary School

Current Classrooms: 12 Students: 477 Teachers: 16 Invested: $79,000   About…