January 20, 2019

Our drivers were awake for much of the night trying to solve the dilemma of how to get the team to today’s clinic in Naikarra. The problem began with a thunderstorm shortly after we had checked into Enkorok Mara Camp last evening, with rain that continued through much of the night. They knew that their vans could not make the 1.5 hour drive through the inevitable mud along the road, although they had planned ahead enough to send our equipment van straight to Naikarra yesterday. Beginning their attempts at 4:00 a.m. they were eventually able to hire two Land Cruisers with local drivers ready for our planned 6:30 a.m. departure. Part one of the adventure led us to a successful clinic day for this Masai community. Part two was getting the equipment van back to Enkorok at the end of day. Raphael negotiated the mud holes exceptionally well, getting stuck only once. We were grateful for the Land Cruiser to pull us out and for the arrangements that our drivers had made! This is rural dentistry.