January 22, 2019

We completed our work in Oloolaumutia after a successful morning in which we treated approximately 20 people. One gentleman hadn’t slept last night due to tooth pain; he was most grateful for our help and thought he’d be able to sleep tonight and be back at work tomorrow.

The highlight of the day for Candace and Codrina was going to the weekly livestock auction, within eyesight of the church, to purchase a goat. They negotiated a good deal for a nice milker whom they named Charlie. We each contributed $5.60 to the cause and asked Juma to give the goat to a family in need. Teale apparently had a hard time saying goodbye. After sharing our box lunches with those around us, we experienced the village market where we negotiated with the vendors for various wares. This intense 30 minutes was followed by a relaxing ride through the Mara National Reserve to our next site at Talek. Although not officially on ‘safari’ we were able to see a number of animals, including an annoyed lion chasing a cheetah. We are now settled at Loita Riverside Camp across the Talek River from grazing hippopotamus and chattering baboons. An African thunderstorm is bidding us good night.