January 24, 2019

We took a break mid-morning on our final day of holding clinics to visit the children at Loigero Primary School where we were treated to traditional Maasai song and dance. This is the first school that A Better World Canada supported after our co-founder Eric Rajah saw children in this area being taught in the shade of a tree. After visiting Loigero Primary, we went on to visit a Maasai village where we were concerned by smoke from cooking fires in the dark houses. The Maasai taught Kyle how to make fire in a traditional way – the Hand Drill (pictured below).

Back at the clinic, there were far more people wanting to be seen than we could handle. The team put in their best effort while some turned their attention to taking a necessary inventory of our equipment and remaining supplies. According to comments expressed by the clinical officers, our work here has been greatly appreciated and we, in turn, have valued the opportunity to serve. We are changed.