Tuesday, November 13, 2018 – Travel to Mara for project inspection

Most of our day was spent travelling to Mara, a journey which took six and a half hours on rough roads. An early start got us to our tent camps. After lunch we were able to see the Sopa Clinic where we have new staff housing and a feeding center for children.

The clinical officer Juma shares with our monitoring team (below).

New staff housing for the clinic (below).

The feeding center on site (below).

We ended the day with a game drive and saw elephants and lions.

Last night in Kericho we were presented with locally-made sweaters from a business created by women for women. They were knitted using manual machines.

The sweaters are student uniforms with the A Better World logo knitted on. Local MP Hon. Mr. Limo and his wife presented them to us.