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We provide opportunities for volunteers to travel in groups, review projects, and to be helping hands. Annual trips are planned to different countries with varied emphasis. People from all walks of life join our  trips and assist in any way they can.
A Better World uses local labour as much as possible and the teams that travel focus on skill development and/or training. We work side-by-side with the local people ensuring that we do not take away their employment but rather enhance their skills through training and collaboration.

2019 Dental Service Trip to Kenya with Dr. Kelvin Hill January 12-27

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2019 Debra Brosseuk’s Monitoring Trip to Rwanda

Debra Brosseuk a long time supporter and Project Manager of the Kacyiru Primary School is on her annual trip visiting and evaluating her projects 

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2018 Journeys of Inspiration to Kenya with Eric Rajah November 7-16

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2018 Medical Trip to Kenya with Dr. Ray and Deryl Comeau November 10-25

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Project Evaluation and Donor Team in Rwanda – Nov 17-22, 2018

Eric and a few others will be in Rwanda to evaluate and scope some projects.

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Project Evaluation Team in Tanzania – Oct 27-Nov 1. 2018

Eric and a few others will be in Tanzania to evaluate and scope some projects.

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Kirianne and Celena in Kenya July 2018

Kirianne and Celena are two University students. They come from Yellowknife, the North West Territories, and are volunteering in Kendu Bay, Kenya at a hospital and rehab centre for children with physical disabilities. You can read more about them below. Kiri Ashley: I grew up in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, and now live in Vancouver, British

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2018 Medical Trip to Bolivia April 21 – May 5

On this trip, we will be working in the Amazon area as we did last year. The trip will include opportunities to experience the Amazon rainforest and villages along the river. Participants can either book their own flights or contact our travel agent Karen at (403-782-6160). We need to have you in La Paz by

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2018 Rehab/Physio Trip to Kenya February 11-27


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2018 Debra’s Trip to Rwanda

Every year, project manager Debra Brosseuk travels to Kacyiru. She visits her students at the Primary School, interacts with the teachers and parents/caregivers as well as visiting the home setting of the children. She ensures the needs of the kids are addressed both at school and home; many children have been taken to medical facilities

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2018 Hospital Assessment Trip to Tanzania February 11 – 15

A small team is traveling to Tanzania to assess the hospital in Mombo.

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2017 Surgery Program Assessment Trip to Kenya December 16 – 28

The purpose of this trip is for a small team to assess the current ABW Surgery Program for sustainability and improvement. ASSESSMENT TEAM: Gillian Swartz (Resident currently in LLU program in Malawi), Azalea Lehndorff (U of C, Surgery Elective), Dr. James Mogire (Retired Orthopedic Surgeon, Kenya), Dr. Victor Oteki (Resident, Kenya), Dr. Ryan Hayton (Assigned

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The best way to see your investment in action is to visit the project and interact with people directly. Visiting a community project builds trust in the investment and allows us to discover and solve real inhibitors to success.

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