Kirianne and Celena in Kenya July 2018

Kirianne and Celena are two University students. They come from Yellowknife, the North West Territories, and are volunteering in Kendu Bay, Kenya at a hospital and rehab centre for children with physical disabilities. You can read more about them below.

Kiri Ashley:

I grew up in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, and now live in Vancouver, British Columbia. I am currently studying for a Bachelor of Science in Animal Biology at the University of British Columbia. I am passionate about helping others and exploring new places, albeit I prefer to spend longer periods in one place than travel around constantly. I find any time spent working in a healthcare environment or with children is time well spent. I have visited Kenya once before, two years ago with a school trip to visit multiple A Better World Canada projects. I am happy to be back, and have been reminded why I love Kenya so much! Enjoy the updates of our volunteering journey!

Celena Hoeve:

I grew up in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories and currently spend most of my time in Kingston, Ontario studying for a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Queen’s University. I was in Kenya two years ago with the Sir John Franklin High School trip through A Better World Canada. Having had exposure to Kenya in the past, I knew there was need here and I figured that a volunteer trip could be a good use of my summer.  After a lot of planning and a few long flights we finally arrived here and I’m excited about the work we have started to do!

Week 7 – Kirianne and Celena in Kenya Aug 12 – 15 2018

August 12th: Today, the able children of the Kadesh family came by our guesthouse on the way to church to pick us up. The children attend the neighbourhood Lakeview African Gospel Church – a very beautiful building. We, as visitors, were even invited at the end of the service for tea. Afterwards, we walked back

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Week 6 – Kirianne and Celena in Kenya Aug 5 – 11 2018

August 5th: We spent the last day of our last weekend in Kendu Bay doing a circumnavigational walk of the hospital compound in the morning, as well as plenty of kitchen endeavors – some of which were exploratory to further our Kenyan cooking skills! We’ve learned lots in all aspects of life in Kenya, so

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Week 5 – Kirianne and Celena in Kenya July 29 – Aug 4 2018

July 29th: We set out for a walk in the morning, going in the opposite direction from Kendu Bay. We were pleasantly surprised when we stumbled upon a river (which we later confirmed to be called the Awach River) and we stopped for a few pictures before heading back towards the hospital. In the afternoon

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Week 4 – Kirianne and Celena in Kenya July 22-28 2018

July 22nd: Early in the morning, we got a start on the approximately 10km round trip down to the shores of Lake Victoria. It is quite a walk, as the hospital compound is high up on a hill with another escarpment between it and the shores of the world’s second largest freshwater lake. The views

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Week 3 – Kirianne and Celena in Kenya July 15-21 2018

This week essentially follows a similar routine to the previous week, as it is one that we have established and which splits our time well between places we can be of use. July 15th: We spent most of the day just relaxing, although we did go for a walk in the direction of Lake Victoria

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Week 2 – Kirianne and Celena in Kenya July 8-14 2018

July 8th: Sunday was a rest day, as classes are not compulsory in the schools and many people were still away from work at the hospital. We helped make our midday and evening meals with Grace in the guesthouse. We also walked down the road away from Lake Victoria to explore for some distance. There

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Week 1 – Kirianne and Celena in Kenya July 2-7 2018

July 2nd: Arrived in Nairobi, we were picked up by Lawrence who had brought along Martin, both of whom had been drivers when we came to Kenya in 2016. Lawrence took us to our hotel for the first night! Lovely! July 3rd: The day of the long drive from Nairobi all the way to Kendu

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