2016 Neighbours Project Proposal

Neighbours 2016 Signature Project Proposal

Family: Tracy and Shawn Summers; extended family

Location: Clive, AB



There are 5 adults (2 parents and 3 grandparents) and 3 children in a small home. Three of the adults have mobility issues, and they are severe, permanent, and in at least two cases, will limit the individuals to wheelchairs exclusively for mobility. Tracy, the young mother of the three children, has Sherman’s Disease, a degenerative disease of the spine in which there is no cure. At present, a makeshift bedroom is in the living room: this is Tracy and Shawn’s bedroom. The grandparents occupy the 2 bedrooms on the main floor while the 3 boys occupy the basement.

This is an extremely stressful situation for the couple. Tracy often requires assistance getting in and out of bed, as well as having difficulty dressing, etc. Shawn was recently injured (an extreme and debilitating break to his ankle). After an extended healing period, he returned to the oil patch briefly before being laid off. Each of the children also have medical issues, to varying degrees, as well, though mobility is not an issue.

Every member of this household are kind, caring and community minded. Tracy and Shawn are, above all, loving and attentive parents. Financial hardship, combined with painful and chronic debilitating medical conditions have eroded the quality of life severely for every member of the household.


What Neighbour’s Hopes to Do:

The Neighbour’s Committee is proposing that we will build an addition onto the existing home that will include a master bedroom, accessible bathroom, and both an indoor and outdoor wheelchair ramp. Currently, there is no common area in the home, other than the kitchen. With an additional bedroom, the family can use the living room as intended, rather than a makeshift bedroom with only a curtain for privacy.

The project will begin the beginning of June and take approximately 6 weeks.