Loigero Primary School Phase 1-4 Updates

July 2014

Loigero school received laptop and multi function printer.


A great garden is starting up!
Loigero Garden

July 2012

Students from the Paul Kane visited the school and were welcomed warmly. There was also a follow up from the Teacher Training.

image0105 image0106 image0108 image0208

May 2012

Teacher Trainers visited the School to help train the teachers and staff.

image015 image016 image017 image116

February 2012

Here are pictures of the current progress. They have built most of the outerwalls and currently digging the toilet drainage.

image001 image002 image003 image004

November 11, 2011

A group arrived to conduct an inspection and evaluation of the school.  Also, a group from Halifax helped the locals determine what was wrong with the water system.

1 4 5


Solar lighting and running water was installed for the staff
housing.  Water tank and tower was built and generator was purchased to pump
water to the tower.  The garden will also benefit from irrigation.
We gratefully acknowledge the support of Sally Muir on this project.

3-loigero 4-loigero 1-loigero 2-loigero


Peter and Kathy Lacey with area Chief at the opening.

0910loigero-2 09-10 3 loiger0

Peter and Kathy speaking at the opening of the four unit staff housing and Food Storage that they gifted to Loigero.

lacey1 09-10loigero

Clean water for the first time; Chairman of ABW Ron Sydenham encouraging teachers

loigero-water1 loigero water-2


Loigero furniture project to put proper desks for students and teachers

loigero89-5 loigero89-4 loigero89-1 loigero89-2 loigero89-3


Three more classrooms was built by Peter and Kathy Lacey

loigero78-1 loigero78-2


Solar lighting was set up by Carlton University students, launched text book program and repaired water system

libraryloigero loigerosolar loigerocarlton solar-loigero

Teacher training program, Water System,  and refurbished first school built by parents (blue building).

loigero67c loigero67d loigero6-7a loigero67b

Also launched a program to increase textbook to student ratio.

loigero8 loigero4


Classrooms were completed and the grand opening was held. Classroom furniture was supplied in each new classroom. Dan Jackson and Jacob (head teacher), at the grand opening.

loigero6 loigero5loiger7 loigero9



The first three new classrooms under construction.

loigero2 loigero3