11 Year Old Girl Refuses Birthday Presents

Faith Curtis, a grade 5 student at Lacombe Upper elementary school, decided that this year for her birthday (January 5th) , she did not want to receive any presents. For an 11-year-old student, this is out of the ordinary. Faith had a different plan this year. She did not want any new toys, clothes, or even electronics. She told her friends and family that she wanted money. Now to some, this may sound greedy, yet what Faith decided to do with the money she received, is quite the contrary. She decided to be selfless and put others needs before her own desires. As a result, Faith received 140 dollars and decided to donate it to a local humanitarian organization, A Better World, to provide surgery for a child who was unable to walk. Faith’s story is a little reminder that through our actions, we can truly make a difference in another individual’s life.