2019 Debra Brosseuk’s Monitoring Trip to Rwanda

January 17, 2019

An educational session on female health was held and feminine hygiene kits were distributed. The girls were very excited to receive a kit as, often, young women in the developing world must stay home from school once a month for multiple days due to lack of proper sanitation and feminine hygiene supplies. Because of these kits, called Days for Girls Kits, these young women will be able to attend school every day.

New shoes were also distributed to some Rwandan school children. This will make their educational experience easier as they will be able to get to and from school much easier. They also will not have to worry about foot injuries that could take them out of school or turn into complicated medical situations.

January 16, 2019

Educating girls is an important mission for A Better World. Debra Brosseuk, a project manager, seeks and supports girls who come from challenging circumstances. The goal is to bring more girls into secondary schools.  Some are unable to continue to higher education because of difficult home situations. Some come to big cities looking for work to support their family members, other are drawn into unsafe work places and even end up in early marriages that can lead to abuse.

One of these girls has bright future because someone cared – she came from a rural area to Kigali to look for work so that she could attend school. She found a domestic position with a family who offered to pay her school fees and give her housing and food in exchange for her work. However, this soon turned into an abusive home for her. We’ve offered her support and are trying to arrange for her to stay with her brother to get away from her current situation.

January 13, 2019

Backpacks and school supplies were given out to children at the Kacyiru Secondary School so that they can have a successful academic year in 2019. Various awards and gifts were also given for academic achievement in 2018. The students were very proud.

I also visited the home of a former student who is now in a Science and Technology School outside of Kigali. I’ve continued to support his education, so I have a personal interest in his success. Despite coming from a difficult financial background, he is succeeding and achieving very high grades. He currently lives with his seven siblings in a very small house and, because their mother has passed away and their father is not present, an older brother is supporting the family. Nevertheless, all eight are currently enrolled in school, with the older siblings in university on well-earned scholarships.