Thursday, May 8 2014 Acros arrive safely

Twenty eight 28 Jet lagged excited Acronaires team and sponsors arrived. Two nights of sleep was lost but everyone is doing well.

To welcome them were our family (Eric, Jaden and Candi). Now we have a group of 31

Awaiting flight at 6:30 AM


The task of loading 7 vans and 2 dedicated just for their equipment was all completed in 40 minutes.


Then for breakfast



We arrived in time for lunch at Lake Naivasha. After lunch we had an excellent boat safarai. Came within a few feet of hippos and giraffe


Then it was time for supper. We had our debrief session, had supper and most are off to bed.


We are staying in a tented camp on the shore of Lake Naivasha


Rick Wiebe also arrived. Rick is a project manager for ABW and is working in Lodwar.
He left today for Lodwar and we will meet up with him in 10 days.


Eric Rajah