Friday, March 6, 2015 – Visiting Clinics and planning for medical clinics with Canadian doctors

Our days start early.  We were out by 7 AM to visit clinics and meet with health officials.  We are planning to bring a health care team to the Mombo area of Tanzania.  We are located in Lushoto. Our lodge is on a lush mountain side.  This whole area is mountainous.  Juma is here with me to do the assessment.


Officials from the medical office and other government officials we met with


Our first clinic visit was to Vuga.  A clinic that serves 11,000 people.  People are working hard with very limited resources.


Top 10 diseases treated in this clinic.  Under 5 years and over 5 years


A few things fixed up here can make this clinic a lot more useful to the people


This lady had walked 3 hours with this baby for immunization. It was 28°C


Here is the entire Pharmacy at this clinic.  Juma from Kenya said that it was sad.


By the end of the day we had narrowed down 3 possible clinics that we could support and run a medical clinic this fall.