A Better World co-founders honoured for exceptional deeds to help others | rdnewsnow.com

The co-founders of a Lacombe-based humanitarian aid group are among 98 Canadians being honoured for their exceptional deeds to help others.

Eric Rajah and Brian Leavitt with A Better World Canada have been awarded Meritorious Service Medals (Civil Division) by the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General.

The Meritorious Service Medal recognize individuals who have performed a deed or an activity in a highly professional manner, or at a very high standard that brings benefit or honour to Canada. Such actions can range from advocacy initiatives and health care services to humanitarian efforts and contributions to the arts.

A Better World has worked in 15 different countries on three foreign continents, investing $35.7 million into communities in need. It employs a unique model of community development, establishing long-term partnerships with communities to ensure stable development through community investment and ownership.

The Meritorious Service Medal (Civil Division) is among the highest Canadian distinctions that can be awarded. Any person can nominate someone to be considered for membership in a Canadian order, or to be awarded with a medal or decoration. Each nomination is researched before being reviewed by an independent advisory committee, which then makes recommendations to the governor general.

“I share this with hundreds who have supported the initiatives of A Better World,” Rajah says. “It is humbling to serve those in need.”

Leavitt is also grateful for the acknowledgement of the agency and its volunteers.

“It has been my privilege to provide humanitarian service to people in need over the last 30 years. To see the difference that a little organization like A Better World can make in a big world is overwhelming.”

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