Afghanistan Schools Update

Current Political Unrest


Many A Better World supporters have called us, expressing concerns for the safety of students in our Afghanistan schools. We, too, are concerned. We remain in touch with the Project Manager for the region on a weekly basis. Currently, all schools in the Northern region where we work are closed to protect the children. According to the reports we have received, none of our schools have been destroyed. Political parties in Doha, Qatar are negotiating to move Afghanistan forward in a peaceful manner. Education, health, and the economy are top priority discussions. We continue to hope that schools will not be destroyed and girls will be able to resume attendance. 

We have completed our Afghanistan projects for 2021 and have not been planning to build anything new until 2022. Any funds that come in for Afghanistan will be kept in an Afghanistan trust account and will only be deployed when the situation improves. We thank you for your support, which for 17 years has provided 13,000 children—mostly girls—an opportunity for education. 

Please contact Eric at with questions or concerns.