An Inspiring Story of Selfless Service

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to realize the true meaning of selfless service. I had the privilege of coming to that realization on a recent trip that I attended to Bolivia. I met a man by the name of Gheorghe Micoti – he taught me the true meaning of selflessness.

Gheorghe’s story begins in Romania. He was studying to becoming a doctor. It was in his sixth year of university – first of residency – when he travelled to Bolivia, saw the need, and decided to leave medical school, his country and his family to move to Bolivia. He didn’t know what this transition would consist of but knew that there was a huge need and that he could help.

Gheorghe now, seven years later, has founded an organization entitled AMe Bolivia – Accion Medica Bolivia. This organization has two medical clinics: one that assists individuals with physical disabilities and one that assists individuals with mental disabilities. In these shelters he provides all basic needs for his patients as well as volunteers.

Gheorghe also works regularly helping individuals in the hospital who do not have funds for medication and who don’t have family members to support them. We had the privilege of visiting the hospital with Gheorghe. It was a remarkable experience to observe the need. From the moment we stepped into the hospital doctors and nurses ran over to Gheorghe to tell them about their patients that needed help.

Gheorghe has adopted 4 boys that he takes care of – all from orphanages in the local area. One of these boys having a diagnosis of cerebral palsy resulting in intense care needs.

Gheorghe is a full time volunteer; his life exudes a life of service. He does not have an income so funds are hard to come by however he lives a life of faith. He does what he can to help the people he comes in contact with and by faith the funds are provided.

In my encounters with Gheorghe I could tell that he lives for the people of Bolivia in a humble way, always putting others first. He loves the people of Bolivia as if they were his own. I am inspired by the life that Gheorghe lives and hope that his story inspires you as well.



Angela McKenna
A Better World Intern