Bashaw Student Responses

Azalea Lehndorff came to our school and shared her story with our school. Her story was very moving, it really hit me in the heart, and it was very inspiring. After she was done her presentation I knew I wanted to talk to her more, I also knew I wanted to help, she made me feel like I should do something to help, and she made me feel that I had the willpower to do good things. So I approached her I after and told her I wanted to do something for the kids. I knew I wanted to help people like what she is doing, I have been waiting for someone story to actually move me and her story completely moved me. I absolutely giver her 100%, she did very well at making people think; also she is a very nice person, very easy to talk to. Her stories are very interesting definately something that should be shared over the world. All in all Azalea is a very good role model for me.

–         Bailey Baden, Grade 10 student


Motivates me to become part of her organization.

–         Hayley Notman, Grade 10


Inspirational. Her personal story and what she has done is awesome.

–         Kessiah MacKenzie, grade 10

Her story makes people want to help to make the world a better place. I think it’s amazing what she is doing for these girls that are being discriminated against. She is changing their lives.

–         Brooke Broughton, grade 10


Other responses from students who wished to remain anonymous:

–         I learnt a lot of beneficial information that made me realize that you need to work very hard to be successful.

–         Very inspiring and moving

–         Reminds me of how lucky I am to be able to go to school and not have to worry about fighting for my education

–         It was very encouraging to know that people dedicate their lives to helping others. I would like to do that too. I thought what she was doing is really important. I wish more people were like her.

–         Very powerful. She should continue to do what she is doing. She will make a big impact on society.