Blog 2

Our journey to Kenya was designed around two multi-day school visits, one at Male Primary and the other at Agano Junior Academy in Nairobi. Each of these multi-day visits would allow us time to share teaching ideas and methods with the school staff and administration and to learn more about the specifics of each of the two schools. Relationship building and trust were high on our agenda. Along the way, we visited two other schools where ABW has projects in progress.

The first of the two project sites that we visited was Segera Mission, not far from Male. There we saw the foundation work being done for four classrooms. Our hosts treated us to a tour of the mission and a wonderful lunch. We spent some time in the classrooms reading to the children but had to depart hurriedly when it began to rain, knowing that the dirt roads would soon be mud.

The second site was Saint Anne’s Orphanage, near Nakuru, where ABW is building two classrooms. The children were excited to greet us and Gail and Jennifer each read them a story. The school building that houses two classrooms, is nearly completed. Our visit was the first time the children had been allowed to enter the school and their excitement was clear. We left the orphanage knowing that good things were happening there.

A few hours later our van rolled into Nairobi where we were to stay for the remainder of our visit to Kenya. Here, we would engage with the children and teachers of Agano Junior Academy. We would also see the completed second floor of the school where four new classrooms and administration office are now located. Agano is located in the Dandora redevelopment area, a vast disorganized and impoverished neighbourhood in Nairobi. Teachers told us that they have to come to school at 6:30 in the morning because the children are already there, waiting for the school to open.