Blog 5

Our meeting with the technology rep led to a second meeting the following morning. The company provides an innovative study platform based on using SMS (Short Message System) on the small screen of a cell phone to ask questions in any of the subject areas that will be tested in the Kenyan state examinations. The sequencing of subjects and exact location in the year long syllabus can be controlled by the teacher. The platform is also available for Class 7 and Class 6 subjects, so it is a fairly robust tool. It is not intended to replace the teacher but to provide a study resource that might not otherwise be available, especially in remote locations where there are few bookstores likely to carry a study review book (like Coles Notes).

The only problem is that the introduction and training of teachers on the system which presents a learning curve may be steep. Charles to the rescue! “My son has just graduated from university in IT (Information Technology) and isn’t yet employed”. Bingo!   We invite Joseph Muragari, recent grad in IT, to meet Kago, our technology rep. When Charles asks Kago “Can you work with this guy (meaning his son)?”, Kago replies “He’s IT!” Joseph will return to Male and begin next week. Training will take place at the end of this school term and the new study system will be in place for the start of the new school year in January.