Couple Celebrates 50th Wedding Anniversary by Giving Back


Love is always worth celebrating. This year, two special people are celebrating their wedding anniversary! Linda and Dennis Hueppelsheuser were married on June 29, 1966, a Wednesday—and this coming Wednesday is their 50th anniversary! Not only is this date a special calendar coincidence, but it is also a special and selfless opportunity that the couple is taking to make the world a better place. Linda and Dennis will be celebrating their 50 years together with family and friends at the Gull Lake Community Hall, and in leau of gifts, they are asking their loved ones to donate to A Better World projects or Friends of Guatemala. Thank you, Linda and Dennis, for your generosity and dedication to A Better World over the years. And especially: Congratulations!



Linda and Dennis Hueppelsheuser in the Maasai Mara while on the 2014 Executive Trip