COVID-19 UPDATES: Updates from our partners on the ground

Hello Team.

Hope this finds you well. On behalf of the people of Kenya, mara area and specifically Naikarra, I would like to Express my sincere thanks to you all.
The supplies we got were of great help. The health workers and the entire community really appreciated beyond measure.
No one apart from you ever did remember the risks ahead of them. The medical staff and entire people are now confident that they are part of the great world and can now join hands to fight the Corona virus pandemic.

To Lawrence, I know you spend sleepless nights to source for these items. Money was not just enough but your commitment and a good heart ensured you get what we needed in time. You risked your life to travel and bargain what is now scarce in the world.

To Barb,you took all your day and night to ensure we are up to date and have what we need.
All the people of ABW Canada did what no one will ever do.
Kindly stay safe and keep up the good heart.
With love from Leonard and the people of Kenya.
God bless you all.

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Hello, I am very glad to let you know that today that been successful day. The people we have served today were very moved by the kind gesture and could not help but send tears of joy. I have been overwhelmed by gratitude and prayers of blessings. People could not believe that someone thousands miles away and on different continents was thinking of them.

I am glad to say that am sleeping today knowing that we have been a blessing to 19 families this Easter holiday. We only focused on food stuff and sanitation today. We bought Maize flour, wheat flour, cooking oil, bar soap, tissue papers, milk and cereals. Today we will end the day knowing that there are some needy persons in this world who have slept with hope for a better tomorrow.

It is something some have not seen in this world since they were born.

May God always remember you, may good health be your potion. Words alone cannot describe the good acts of love shown today, humanity just got a meaning in the world of today.

God bless.

Warm regards.

John Hinga.

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Dear Papa Rick,

Greetings in Jesus’ Name.

Thanks very much for meeting our emergency support that you sent to me to help us buy food for our people in Kakamega, Kenya. This has helped them to have food in their houses at this critical time of lockdown caused by the impact and spread of the corona virus that has affected us here in Kenya and to all over the world.

May the LORD bless you and your family. I am still distributing food in Kakamega and to the villages.

I also sent some funds to my sister Peninah as you had directed so as to help her buy food, and requested her to send me the receipts.  may the LORD bless the works of A Better World.

Blessings in Jesus’ Name, amen.


Yours in Christ’s Service,
Rev. William Kubondo
Yoke Evangelistic Ministries,
Kakamega, Kenya

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Hello , I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind donation towards the food care package for the most affected households in our community.  The exercise today has been of great success For were able to purchase most of the items in our care package budget.

Your assistance means so much to me, but even more to the persons who have benefitted from your donations today. I cannot hide the joy and good words fro everyone that made me shed a tear for the happiness expressed across their faces.

Thank you again for your kind generosity. May God always bless you, may your family never lack, may good health and happiness be your portion all your days.

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This is to thank you for the funds that I received on behalf of Yoke Evangelistic Ministries (YEM) of Kakamega, Kenya which you sent on behalf of Rick. We bought food which we gave to our people with their families at Kakamega who had no food to eat, which was as a result of the curfew imposed by the Kenyan Government over the corona virus pandemic, making churches not to have fellowships , no going to work nor business but just to sit at home so as to avoid the spread of the corona virus.

Thanks for your urgent response to my request of providing food for many families. The LORD bless you all…

The milk and bread expenditure was used to feed 35 street children.


Yours in Christ’s Service,
Rev. William Kubondo
Yoke Evangelistic Ministries,
Kakamega, Kenya

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Thank you for the prayers and the support. We keep you in our prayers often. 134 household benefited from the distribution in concluding the elderly people.


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Hello, to say the truth is that am always equally happy to have been part of this exercise. It is always joyful to see mama’s who had nothing to offer their kids pick a bag full of food to last them not a day but ,more than a few days. Today one of the ladies literally cried. She had sat on the road side looking for a cleaning job but could not find any today, she said today preserved them from hunger. I was overwhelmed and I thank God today they will eat well. Thank you.
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Kacyiru Primary School and Lunch Program Project in Kigali, Rwanda:

Due to the COVID 19 crisis, Kigali has been in lock down and school was cancelled. As a result, the Potters and their children (who are the majority of the students) are unable to make and sell pottery which is the source of their daily income. Without this income, the people are facing hunger. They are unable to work, hence have very little money to buy food. With school being cancelled, the children are unable to receive their daily nutritious meal provided at the school. I saw photos of the Potters looking very thin….

I sent money for food purchase to Dieudonne Mubiligi who was able to purchase bulk rice, beans, maize flour and soap and distribute it to the potters and the children.

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