Day 1 – Oct 11, 2019

Rick Wiebe’s friend Dan Nielsen on his Facebook post shared this, We arrived in Nairobi, Kenya Wednesday night, woke up early and flew to Lodwar where we visited the school that A Better World has built, they now have 396 students from K-grade 4. Amazing teachers and kids.

And then we ventured out of town with Bishop Benson as our guide and we visited a couple of villages (10-12 small huts). Most of them had never seen a white person before, so it is hard to put into words…. But they were very curious of us and followed us everywhere. After some interpretation by Benson, we were able to take photos with them and I showed them their picture and they would laugh in amazement.

We flew back to Nairobi on Friday and now we are starting our tour across Kenya to visit more projects and a couple possible new ones. And yes, I look like a hill Billy as I broke my front tooth on the flight down here.