Day 4 – Oct 15, 2019

Dan Nielsen says, Well it’s been another incredible couple of days. We were at Segera Mission yesterday where they have a small clinic that sees 1,000 patients a day and delivers over 20 babies a month with only 3 nurses. A school that finishes in the top 5 of over 300 schools and an orphanage that currently has 12 kids. Amazing staff and kids, we had the pleasure of meeting a 12 year old girl that they literally saved her life and now she has the opportunity to go to school for the first time. Today we went to the school at Gil Gil, it’s situated right beside the slums…. Incredibly poor where 1/3 of the kids don’t eat because they can’t afford the 10 cents a day that it costs to have lunch (rice and beans) But the kids were so well behaved and all smiles. Unbelievable. I feel extremely blessed to be here and seeing first hand what A Better World does and in a great group being led by Rick.