Day 5 – Oct 17, 2019

Dan Nielsen on one of his Facebook posts shared this. Every day is a new adventure here. Yesterday we drove many miles on some difficult roads to visit 3 schools that A Better World has helped build. They are all growing and have class sizes of 50-70, one even had 90. We drove thru some beautiful country lush and full of valleys and tea farms as far as the eye can see. Last night we were visited at our hotel by Governor Paul Chepkwony. He came and thanked Rick and a Better World and offered his full support for a brand new clinic that A Better World is just completing and the government will staff and run…. We visited this clinic today and we’re joined by Beatrice Limo “deputy of missions, Kenya” and her enterauge. It was pretty sureal and great to see how much respect the government has for a better world and how they work together.

Sorry for so many pictures. It’s hard to narrow them down.
I have put a few explanations on some and attached a video so you can hear their excitement.