Day 6 – Oct 20, 2019

Dan says, we are on our last day of this Amazing adventure. I could write a book…. But in summary the last few days have been spent visiting clinics and schools in hard to reach places (oh how I miss asphalt) we also looked at a request for a new project at a school with 1345 students. They have many needs even as simple as toilets, which are basically outhouses with out the toilet and more dormitories. The passion of the amazing teachers is to make the school inclusive for the handicap, they would be the first school in the county to do so. Because parents have and still do hide their handicap children and they don’t get a chance to reach their potential.

We are in the Maasai area, where culture is widely practiced. We arrived last night at the Mara Serena Safari Lodge… This may be my favourite place that I have ever stayed. the rooms are little hobbit houses but we are near the Tanzania boarder in the Maasai Mara national park. So our game drives take us a little bit into the Serengeti. We did one game drive at 6am following hiena’s and cheetahs and and we are going out again at 4:00.
I’m in Paradise.