Debra Brosseuk

[team photo=”” name=”Debra Brosseuk, BEd” job=”Project Manager”]

Debra is a former Special Education teacher and stay-at-home mom. She has recently become a proud Grandmother of a baby boy named Jacob! Debra is also a potter, amateur photographer, gardener and she enjoys hiking. Last year she summited Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Exercising a service ideology, Debra engages in contributing to her local community and also volunteers weekly at the community hospital in Emergency Services.

Debra has been involved with ABW since 2007 and travels every year to Rwanda to visit her Project. She visits her students at the Primary School, interacts with the teachers and parents/caregivers as well as visiting the home setting of the children. She ensures the needs of the kids are addressed both at school and home; many children have been taken to medical facilities to receive care.

“I am passionate about helping provide education to marginalized children in the developing world. I believe that education is critical in providing a hope and a future; a brick on the path out of extreme poverty onward to a bright future.”