Eric’s Blog – January 13

It was exactly 30 years ago in January 1990 that the first project of A Better World was started here. It was 20 years ago that my outlook on life took a drastic turn because of what I witnessed and who I met. What I saw were children with physical disabilities wanting a future and the inspiring Ken Hill volunteering for A Better World. I am here today with Dr. Ray Comeau for a review of our past and planning for our future w ork at the Nyaburi School and the Kendu Bay Hospital.

We met with the Nyaburi staff to do a tour of the facilities.

The garden project at Nyaburi is flourishing.

Children continue to inspire us with their desire to be in school.

At the hospital we have several things to discuss over the next two days including a new lab, physio centre, surgical equipment, and training. CEO George Opundo (right) can be seen with Dr. Ray Comeau from A Better World.

Dr. Comeau can be seen here reviewing patient flow and space needs.