Eric’s Blog – January 15

January 15, 2020

We left early from Kendu Bay to make the almost seven-hour drive to the Mara. Three things have happened that I never thought would happen in my lifetime: three roads are getting paved and will be completed in a few months. The road from Narok to Sekenani gate is nearing completion. The road from Kericho to Ndanai was paved a few years ago and amazingly the road from Oyugis to Kendu Bay Hospital is just about done. This will make these places and others along their routes much more accessible.

One of our main goals on this trip is to scope out new hotels to stay in as our area of work is slightly shifting. Each day we will also be looking for new places to stay. Today we found one closer to Niakarra called the AA Lodge. Not only is it closer to Niakarra, but more importantly, it has access to better roads.

Here is one of the cottages at AA Lodge.

Even closer was a rustic place called Mara Silalei.

It was a full day on the road.