Eric’s Blog – January 16

January 16, 2020

Our day started off at the Talek Heath Centre where A Better World Canada has been working for more than 17 years. Dr. Ray Comeau can be seen in this photo with Daniel, the local director of the centre.

Our main goal here was to see whether the digital X-Ray equipment is working. A few electrical issues need to be resolved, but it is indeed operational. While we were there, a child needed an x-ray for a fractured finger.

We had a great conversation with the local Maasai elder who has been a major advocate of giving birth in clinics. Now over 100 babies a year are born at the clinic in a safe manner instead of in the cow dung huts. He seemed very pleased that the mothers are coming to the clinic now and that this practice is becoming accepted in the community.

Our visit to the 1000-student Sekanani School was very rewarding. We were excited to see the possibility of clean water coming within a few weeks as well as teacher housing being built by the government to match what A Better World has contributed. Toilets throughout the school are also now in place.

66 students were packed into this grade 5 classroom!

A school bus was recently donated by the government.

We also had time to scope out another lodge near Talek on the river bank.

With that, another busy but rewarding day in Kenya came to an end!