Eric’s Blog – January 17

It rained all night and we had to change our route to Juma’s clinic near Sopa. We are glad we did as the roadblocks we encountered were worth the route change.

22 giraffes decided to cross the road one at a time.

Then there was an elephant and her calf.

Unlike the others, the lion wouldn’t move.

At the end of the drive we had lots to do. I will be travelling with Dr. Comeau for two weeks. He is one dedicated and hardworking humanitarian. We are reviewing our health programs and facilities and planning for future work in Kenya and Tanzania.

We saw one of our feeding programs in its new kitchen and shelter. 200 children eat here each school day.

It was nice to see all of our water collection systems working.

Dr. Comeau inspected records with Juma, the clinical officer.

It was another great day in the Mara.