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Eric’s Blog – January 18

We thought we might have a slack day until we picked up Gord Bontje this morning at the Mara airstrip. Gord is an ABW board member and philanthropist. Him and his wife Kathy, their family, Laebon Homes and the employees have been champions of making this world a better place at home and in developing countries.  We will continue to check on our past and future project reviews.  We are pleased Dr. Comeau will be with us for another week.

Gord arrived today in Masai Mara.  After the guards chased the animals away from the gravel runway the plane landed safely.

On our way to the lodge we heard a leopard was in a tree – a rare sighting!

I made the mistake of suggesting to Gord, an avid hiker,  that a naturist could take us on a walk.  That was the end of my plans for a nap.  It was an enjoyable, educational  walk. We learned to brush our teeth like the Maasai using twigs from a special tree. Maybe called the Colgate tree!

After lunch we set out for the Sekanani School. This school was a gift from Gord in honour of his 60th Birthday,  2 years ago.
Talking to the principal Jonathan (left).  The school is among the top 5 in the county.

Our main goals today was to look at our  role in helping another donor bring water to the school.  The school has 1100 students with no reliable water source.  We walked to the water source to see how it will be brought to the community and school.

Education in the Maasai can bring about changes in people’s lives. One of our waiters at our hotel, invited us to his home and showed how life has changed for him.  It was an eye opening conversation from polygamy and unhealthy practices to how schooling and education  is changing the next generation. He has 19 brothers and sisters.  We have known him for 4 years and he attended the Sekanani School.

We are at one of my favorite tented camps surrounded by wildlife. Pictured with Sophy our naturist.

The chef grows his own organic garden.  We had a nice walk through it.

Tomorrow will be a long day as we drive 2 hours each way to explore Naikarra where our newest project is going to be.  We are planning on creating a centre for childen with disabilities to receive treatment and attend school. Looking forward to another full day tomorrow.