Eric’s Blog – January 19

As expected our day was long and the bad roads made it even harder.  We have been working in the Naikarra community for a few years now.  This year we are planning on providing educational opportunities for children with disabilities in the school by building dormitories, upgrading toilets, expanding the facilities and providing clean water.  The clinic has already been upgraded but a few things will still need to be done such as providing facilities and services for a physiotherapy clinic.  Here is our day in pictures.

As you enter the clinic this sign board tells the patients the cost of medical services.
100 Shillings = $1.35 in CDN dollars, which is the cost of seeing a medical officer.

The clinic is in good condition and handles 15,000 patients per year.

New toilets have recently been added.

Examining patient records to help assess the needs at the clinic.

Our visit to the school was an eye opening experience.  There are a total of 1971 students of which  915 board at the school.

This Grade 2 classroom has 66 students.

Planning our renovation for toilets and bathing areas.

Planning the expansion to provide accessibility.

Dr. Comeau assessing the needs of children with disabilities.

This will wrap up our days in Kenya for now.  Tomorrow we go to Tanzania and then back to Kenya in a week.