Eric’s Blog – January 20

Today was a long travel day from Maasai Mara to Nairobi to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania in this little plane. Dr. Comeau will fly from Tanzania to Canada in a few days so it was time to say goodbye to Lawrence.  Gord and I will return to Kenya at the end of the week and meet up with Lawrence again.

After a travel day of nearly 11 hours we checked in at the Elephant Hotel along the road to Mombo.  It was too dark to keep going.  We have 2 more hours to travel in the morning.

The King of Saudi Arabia travels with his personal physician – well I have arrived then –  with Dr. Comeau checking me out often.  The van becomes his make shift office. The journey keeps moving.

As we departed Kenya, our luggage handlers had heard that Gord was helping the Naikarra school that they had attended.  They have siblings who go there so they came and thanked Gord for his help and support for their school. Hopefully an easier day tomorrow.