Eric’s Blog – January 21

Our day started at the Mombo Health Centre (MHC).  We were pleased to see how well the renovations were done and how much it has helped the whole community and improved the attitude of the workers.

Every part of the hospital was checked and evaluated.

Gord Bontje is talking to Dr. Angelista the newly appointed Medical Director. Dr. Joseph (talking with Dr. Comeau) is now responsible for the surgery and in charge of clinical duties.  This is a great change to  provide better care for patients. In the past, Dr. Joseph was the medical director, surgeon and responsible for everything.

Meeting with the board members of MHC.

Dr. Comeau inspecting the lights and other equipment in the surgery room provided by ABW.

Our lunch today was from this fruit stand. .

We visited three schools today. Two we are going to renovate and add classrooms.
One classrooms has 129 students!

Meeting with the school staff.  The shade outside felt good as it was 34C today.

Evenings are tied up with meetings with government officials. Mr. Hillary (right), the Primary School Director for the district has 67,000 students in his 138 schools.

This means some classrooms don’t have enough desks and students have to sit on the floor.
We ordered desks today for them.