Eric’s Blog – January 22

Our day again today was very long. The rain didn’t help. We were not able to visit some of the schools on mountain roads.
We met with the District Director for Secondary Education today and learned that there are 11,000 students in the district.

The government is building a large hospital in the region.  There will be 24 buildings similar to this when it is all done.  We toured the facilities under construction to see what services will be available.

Classrooms continue to be a priority – many of them are filled to capacity.

Back at the Mombo hospital we started getting a bit deeper into the immediate needs.

We inspected more of the renovations we had completed last year.

Gord is working on some plans with Project Manager Rama and contractor Asumani, for a possible maternity wing.

We visited the Same (pronounced sah-may) District Hospital.  Dr. Comeau is thinking about bringing a medical team here to help in this area. There are many needs, including help with dental training.

The hospital is well organized and managed.

Thanks for following our Journey in Tanzania.