Eric’s Blog – January 24

We spent our entire day in schools.  Evaluating new school projects, inspecting projects in progress and reviewing completed projects.
Our first stop was at Koige Primary School which we plan to develop over the next several years.
We looked at the needs of this school. New classrooms, toilets and water are some of the urgent needs.

Tree planting to mark our visit to Koige.

At Keringet School we received an unexpected welcome from the students. They were all lined up to greet us.

These are the old classrooms at Keringet and the new classrooms below. Rewarding to see the change.

Lawrence our Project Manager in front of new Keringet classrooms.

We were well entertained and we entertained them too!

Ringa school new lab, the high school students were deeply grateful.

The students thanked us for the lab.


I felt like Keni  –  lots to think about.

More so to think about after we were presented with canes to indicate respect to Elders.  We know we are old, so the cane will be useful.