Eric’s Blog – January 26

Today we explored the island a bit and visited some friends in the area.  Gord started in the morning with a tour of Lamu Town.  After lunch the highlight was sailing on a Dhow to the Takwa Ruins.  The original site of the people that came from Oman in the 16th century settled here before they inhabited Shella, a part of Lamu Island.


Lamu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Hand carved door frames are fascinating to see as you walk through the town

The streets in Lamu Town,  the traffic jam is caused by donkeys.  There are only 3 cars on the island.

In the afternoon we went to the Takwa ruins on this Dhow.

16th century settlers from Oman built the Mosque.

Baobob Tree

It was a great way to spend our day off.

Tomorrow we visit the Lamu Special needs school.

Our hotel and food here is amazing as well – Kijani House where our groups have stayed for 20 years.