Eric’s Blog – January 27

We set out by boat to the town of Mkowe to visit the Lamu Special Needs school.  It is an inspiring and emotional place to visit.
The Bontje family has been the major financial supporters of this project.  Gord and Mr. Omar, chair of the school, chat as we travel to the school.

Inspecting a new dorm. On the right is Mr. Bute, Head Teacher.

Reviewing renovations needs in the girl’s dormitory.

The children entertained us with song and dance.

We had taken juice and cookies for the children.

Visiting some of the buildings.  Gord has not been here for 12 years so it was rewarding for him to see the progress at the school.

Back to our hotel, then we leave for Nairobi and home.  A baby donkey was sun tanning.

Kijani House, left of the yellow building, is where we like to stay.  We have been cared for here for 20 years.
We arrived in Nairobi in the evening.  Gord will leave tomorrow for home and I will remain for several days.
It was a great trip with very generous friends to A Better World. Thank you Gord for all the help and support you give.