Fas Gas founder empowers women in Africa to do the same

Creating employment is one sure way to help people get out of poverty. Jack Donald of Red Deer, Alberta has lived with this passion for most of his life. He has shared his blessings in Central Alberta by supporting many worthwhile causes that help his community. Last year, he took that principle and invested to create jobs in Kenya with A Better World’s loan program. Today, I went to see the people who received 25% of his investments.

A group of 10 women have opened a gas station: 10 Stars Fuelling Station. “10 Stars” is the women’s group name. Two years ago, the 10 women started a hotel (“hotel” also means restaurant). This year, with the help of Jack and Joan Donald, the group borrowed $10,000 to start up this station. I was so happy to see the jobs that have been created. The three women to the right are part of 10 Stars.

kendu bay trip oct 2016 10 stars
Left: Eric Rajah and Beatrice Limo, Founder of Kipkelion Empowerment movement, with 3 ladies from 10 Stars. Diesel and gas are dispensed from this unit.

Kerosene for house lamps is dispensed from this unit.

10 stars gas limo
Beatrice Limo fills the ABW van from the new gas station.

– Eric Rajah writing from Kenya