Feb 23 – Are we playing God if…?

Are we not playing God if we deny someone the choice of dying, just as when we deny someone the choice to live?

People who choose to die have a reason to do so, just like people who choose to continue to live have a reason to do so.
To respect someone is to respect the choices they make, to disrespect someone is to disrespect the choices they make.
To further disrespect someone is to make choices for them. – Dr. Tennyson Samraj

The Christian teaching invites us to stand close to each other including those we disagree with knowing that the presence of God is only in loving communion alert to the depth of human suffering and the joy of human glory since all are in the image of God. Anytime one images one is in the place of God, rather than abusing God it deeply deceives oneself and our attention to the life of the world. It is a tragedy in need of healing. – David Goa

PS Your argument has a kind of logical consistence. However, it is not the orientation of the mind of Christ.


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