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Feb 23 – Zoom Comments and Questions

Ingrid’s iPad mini 4 to Everyone (7:40 PM)
Among the issues encountered at an increasing rate across the last 50 years is the juxtaposition of the ability to extend life without attaching to it quality of life. this tends to increase a form of suffering different from that of earlier days. do you see this being impactful in assessing the desire to die and the natural encroachment of death as an extended dying period? [answered in session]

Amanda Chan to Everyone (7:40 PM)
Re: assessment of a person’s request to die – I would like to suggest that one’s choice to die cannot be independent. Their choice is influenced by thinking of others (friends, family, not wanting to be a burden, society, government). We do not live in a vacuum. One’s life is connected to others – known and unknown to the person. [discussed in session]

Anonymous (7:41 PM)
For Dr. Comeau  If death –a natural death —has a benefit to Society, planning a death and planning the time of death could still supposedly have the same benefit [answered in session]

Joanne Rowland to Everyone (8:03 PM)
when death is imminent as in ALS or terminal cancer, they can choose the exact time of death, the rituals,the music,the friends and family surrounding them at their moment of death.years ago we took back birth and now I feel we take back death

Mona Walls to Everyone (8:05 PM)
I would like to hear Chloe’s perspective on whether she sees her clients as being isolated and abandoned. [answered in session]

Scott to Everyone (8:14 PM)
Those that oppose other individual’s “right to die” just haven’t experience enough pain in their lives (yet).

Catherine Wright to Everyone (8:15 PM)
Chor, would you be able to provide your thoughts on the “slippery slope”, extending MAID to people with mental illness, disabilities, terminally ill children… [answered in session]

rozemin kizuk to Everyone (8:16 PM)
excellent thought provoking discussion.


  1. Kelvin Hill

    Are we not playing God if we deny someone the choice of dying, just as when we deny someone the choice to live?

    • Tennyson Samraj

      Your question is well worded.

      People who choose to die have a reason to do so, just like people who choose to continue to live have a reason to do so.
      To respect someone is to respect the choices they make, to disrespect someone is not to respect the choices they make.
      Further to disrespect someone is to make choices for them.

  2. Tennyson Samraj

    Dr. Comeau, I liked your comment that personal physicians must be committed to individuals until natural death occurs.
    I wish there is a class of personal physicians who make such a commitment and see their patients through the end.

    Mrs. Chole Rajah I liked your idea of providing Christian service while respecting want each patient wanted.
    Providing Christian service while respecting the patient’s wishes is a good example of respecting the patient as a person.

    Professor David Goa, I liked the idea that there is something wonderful about ‘natural death’ and we must embrace it when it comes. We respect every moment of life on earth when we wait to die.


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