February 26-28, 2016 – The opening of the Vuga Clinic in Tanzania was interrupted….

I arrived in Kenya on Thursday, February 25 and left for Tanzania the next day to evaluate the completed projects, the projects in progress and to review the priorities for the next set of projects. 

I am very pleased with three things:

  1. Community engagement.  There is a high level of community engagement in every project.  Members of the community volunteer and provide as much as they can to help the community.   We have estimated the value of community contributions to be around 25% to 35% of the cost of the projects.
  2. Quality.  The construction team delivers very good value in products and  construction.
  3. Project management.  A good project manager delivers on time, on spec and on budget and all three must be together for a successful completion. .  Rama Kaoneka is the project manager.

I was very pleased both with the new needs and completion of past projects.  Rama and I were able to complete the work almost 2 day ahead of schedule. I took the late flight to Nairobi so I can get ahead start tomorrow in Kenya.

Thanks to Cathy Roozen for the funding and support.  Tanzanian projects are fully funded by her. She  faithfully keeps in touch with progress which is very encouraging. 

A mini opening ( a grand opening will be in September 26 when Cathy can attend) was in progress organized by the local people to say thanks and tour the completed facilities  at the Vuga clinic. We had completed A major renovation to the ward so patients can stay overnight.  New toilets  for outpatients and staff were  completed.  As the local doctor was giving a speech to open the new building I noticed some commotion near the new ward that was about to be officially opened.  Then I heard my name a few times and people were giggling.  Some people interrupted the speech and asked the doctor to come over and they motioned me to follow and the crowd followed me. This is what happened…


A baby boy was delivered and they named him Eric.  The mom and baby will be able to stay in the new ward. Now, that we have this facility more moms will be encouraged to deliver at the clinic than in their village homes. That ended our opening ceremonies. 

Some of the work that was completed there. Toilets


Ward Renovation



New Projects scoping  – Sangai school  toilets and classroom needs to be replaced.


Help complete Jitengeni Primary school. Classrooms were destroyed by a storm


Complete Science Labs at Patema school


The Patema community deals with child labour issues. The US labour department has been operating a great program and are inviting our involvement


Mangos  4 cents each; passion fruit 2 cents each and Avocados were 1 cent each ( in Canadian)


It was a great trip. More can be said but this are the highlights.