Friday, February 23, 2018 – Children learning to stand up (Eric’s Trip Blog)

A rewarding day for me to see the rehab team in action. Most of my work focuses on meetings, planning, fundraising, and overseeing projects. Seeing volunteers putting in their hearts and souls and achieving results is inspiring.

Thirty-two children with disabilities came to the clinic with parents. This is a unique clinic in that parents come and stay for 3 days. We house and provide food for them. They learn how to care for their child(ren). Local Physios get to work with Canadian Physios, specialists, and doctors and learn how to improve the lives of children.

Today I saw Loren help a 4-year-old child stand up for the first time. He had a toy dangling from his hand and the child was using the back of a chair to hold and reach out. Loren was repeating this process many times while the mom was learning how to use readily available tools.

Susan was teaching a simple task as pushing a car from one side to the other.

Joyce and Jessica worked as receptionists and record keepers.

Karen, the Team Leader’s vision is to train and equip local therapists from various clinics.

Dr. Church, ABW Medical Director, addresses the team and thanks them for their hard work.

Our infrastructure review team was also out looking at past and new projects.