Friday, July 17, 2015 – Day off and Becca’s 20th Birthday party

Today was a day off for everyone.  Rick and I had meetings with various people and Angela was helping me and the project managers to get caught up on paper work.

We had two major activities this evening. Our traditional driver appreciation evening was a lot of fun.

The teaching team presented a song and skit


The youth group did excellent with a song they prepared for the drivers and introduced themselves in song.


Rayna presented a cheque for $25,000 that her former school had raised and had sent it with her for Rwanda.


This evening was all about Becca Epp.  We celebrated her 20th Birthday under the beautiful night sky with a Mara bush dinner.

Masai dancers welcomed her for dinner



Tomorrow morning we will begin our long drive back to Nairobi.  Leaving the beautiful Mara Serena