Friday, July 4, 2014 – Seeing the results is very rewarding

As a follow up to the day long administrator’s seminar on Thursday, Keith began visiting the schools one by one to work individually with the head teachers.  His first stop was Simotwet Primary School located high up on a hillside overlooking a lush green valley below.  In the afternoon Tulwap Primary School, where a major ABW building project is underway, was his second stop.  The purpose of the visits was to clarify any matters pertaining to the previous day’s seminar, discuss student government results, and explore ways of encouraging professional growth in the teaching staff.  Keith was amazed at how well the principals were managing 405 and 582 students respectively with such limited resources and facilities, not the least of which was the principal’s office themselves which was roughly 8 feet square.  Keith also recognized the exciting potential for positive change in each of these schools with a little assistance, of various types, from ABW.

View from Simotwet:


I stayed at the hotel and did a project management workshop for our three project managers in this area.  This training was specific to the needs of ABW and the paper work that we need on file.  With the help of three youth, we did one on one computer training to receive electronic information.  The 3 youth are individuals who ABW helped receive an education.  They have been with us for 3 days working with the teachers in introducing new technology. Today they helped with the workshop for the project managers. It is so rewarding to see how education has helped them move forward and now they are helping ABW help others. It is very satisfying  to see such success first hand.

Joseph, John and Eddie were a great help:


Training in progress:


In the afternoon, Keith and I met up and went to see our income generating projects (table banking). Our latest investment is in dairy and chickens.  Over 200 farmers are now employed through this program.