Friday, March 11, 2016 – Why is Singing and Dancing a regular part of African life?

We departed from Kericho for Mara this morning at 7:30 AM.  It was a 6 hour drive. We arrived at the beautiful Mara Sarova camp in time for lunch.  Before we left, we had a birthday party for Kennedy and an anniversary party for Dean and Pam McInnis.  We had a DJ and African dancing lessons.  Singing and dancing is a way of life for all celebrations even if a group of visitors come to your home. People had to create their own entertainment and there were various types of dances for different occasions like child birth, wedding, funeral, tea picking season, harvest, and other rituals.  Last evening we were introduced to songs and music from various regions of Kenya.



Kennedy’s birthday was celebrated


Anniversary of Dean and Pam – sometime this year


Nightly debriefing sessions are great. We plan our lessons and ask questions and search for answers.

Should we “give” to the poor?  That is the homework.


Mildred Hall school students – Wendy Wile sends her special greetings to her former students.

It was Wendy and her daughter Mikelle who got A Better World involved with Yellowknife Schools when Mikelle was a student at Sir John Franklin.


After a 6 hour drive on dusty roads at 26°C the group needed some cooling off time


This evening we had a Maasai culture lecture before heading out tomorrow to schools