Friday, March 18, 2016 – Visiting water projects and Janet’s successful business

Today, I spent all day with Hon. Joseph Limo, MP visiting all of the water projects that were completed as well as the new ones that we will be drilling this year. Joseph and his wife Beatrice have been volunteering with A Better World for 14 years now. He has also been a financial partner through the Kenyan Government, investing more than $75,000 last year in schools and water systems that A Better World is building. 

We visited new sites where we plan to drill wells this year. I also went to see the wells drilled last year.

One of the new sites already has a 200,000 litre tank in place. Estimated beneficiaries: 5,000 people.


The lady who donated the land for the tank has been waiting since Kenya’s independence 53 years ago to get clean water for her community. (Mr. Limo is to the right of me)


Water systems drilled last year: four wells were drilled, one failed

Cheptangulgei – above Ringa
Very nice operation. (Land sold by Joseph Sang for borehole.) 
2,500 people will benefit. Current needs: to add pipes to Ringa and other areas so more can benefit.


Tank is full


Opened in December 2015. Meter reading:


Complete system looks like this:


The most recent project is Rusoy near Londiani. The solar panel is on top of the tank; no need for a stand.


These mothers are the best advocates for clean water. They talked about improved health. 


I also visited one of our dear friends. Janet is operating a successful tailoring shop in Nakuru: