Friday, May 10, 2019 – Travel day to project site in Kericho

This morning, our group assembled together for the first time in preparation for the long drive to Kericho. We were joined last night by Sean, an undergrad student studying at La Sierra University, and, after some unexpected travel delays, early this morning by Dr Adam Kiš of Burman University who will be spearheading our evaluations. After a good breakfast (some of us still sleepy-eyed), we set out for Kericho.

Three students: Sean, Samuelle and Spencer ( Listening to Janet)

Our Professor – Dr. Adam Kis (left)

Traveling with us also for a few days is Scott Sankey an Albertan working in Abu Dhabi

VP, Planning & Commercial at TAQA – Gas and Oil and Liezl Rosalez

Eric Rajah, Cofounder of A Better World will be with us also

Spencer and Samuelle at breakfast at airport Sheraton

The journey entailed crossing the Great Rift Valley which runs from Israel all the way to Mozambique in southern Africa.

Along the way we stopped for lunch before navigating heavy traffic to meet Janet at her shop in Nakuru. It was inspiring to hear about her experiences and to see her success in her business. Janet and the community in Nakuru were very welcoming, but unfortunately,we were running behind schedule and had to leave after just a brief visit.

After several more hours of driving, we arrived safely at our hotel in Kericho. The region is covered in beautiful green tea fields and the high altitude provides for a mild temperature. The temperate climate will no doubt be encouraging as we begin the hard work of data collection in the coming days.

Ray’s Place Hotel – a 5 room tea plantation hotel will be our home for the next 9 days.

We spent the evening around the fire sipping on Kericho tea, resting before we set out for our first school visit tomorrow.