Friday May 10th: Team Green visits Segera Mission

Today we went to Segera on a road that was interesting to say the least… Charles did an amazing  job of navigating between the rocks and the mud holes and delivered us safely to and from Segera.

We stopped on the way to test fly the airplane I brought in my suitcase. The plane is used to take air photos and video of the garden sites to be used for planning. The maiden flight was supposed to take place without spectators because I had never flown this plane and I was not sure how it would react to the camera mounted in the nose. Even when you think you are in the middle of nowhere, there is always someone around herding cattle or goats. By the end of the flight, many people had gathered to watch me land in the only mud puddle on that stretch of road.

We carried on to Segera to gather pictures of the garden site from the air. I don’t think the kids cared at all that the plane was taking pictures, they were very excited just to see the plane! Ken did a great job of launching the plane on the soccer field and I managed to land it back on the field after a successful flight!

Segera Mission is serving many needs for the people of the area with about 220 students attending the mission school and as many as 1000 patients visiting the clinic a month! As with many schools, the lunch program would be greatly enhanced if the starchy foods could be supplemented with garden fresh vegetables. The gardens in Male are coming along well, and Segera has the potential to be just as productive!

I want to thank Charles, Annelise, Ken, Fritz, and Ben for doing a great job on the first half of this trip and I know they will be just as enthusiastic and dedicated for the second half of the trip! Team Green will make a difference in the lives of many children and I am thankful that each of them made the commitment to join me on the journey! Until tomorrow, I am signing off for Team Green…